Infosys – Nagpur

The site of 142 acres in a hot central city  of India is surrounded by forests all around. The concept was inspired by its location and the significance of being so close to nature. The aim was to be net zero and very sustainable. 90% of the plant species were native, with minimal lawn areas ,  fruit and medicinal grove formed a major component of the planting theme.

The planting design was done after studying the hydrology and the aquifier for the site. A pond on site played the role of collecting all the rain water while the contours were worked to create  water streams cum walkways leading to the pond. The landscape also embraced the local Gond style of art work by being inspired by their  paintings to create the spatial structure.. Signature trees on the site were the trees used in Gond style of paintings.

Vegetables, fruits grown on site were to be used in the kitchen and phase 3 plants to be used for wood in interiors.The forest like planting will reduce the temperature on site by 2-3 degrees and attract local  fauna. The clients Infosys are looking to send it for the Living building Challenge as the first entry from India and a LEED platinum  campus.