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Singapore President unveiled the book featuring our visionary founder as a top entrepreneur. In November last year, Raji Iyer gained recognition in a distinguished book. The book spotlighted the top 45 women entrepreneurs of Indian origin and was unveiled by the Honorable President of Singapore, Madam Halimah Yacob. Raji's feature in this esteemed book underscores her steadfast commitment, innovative spirit, and noteworthy contributions to design. Her vision for Deeproots Design has not only transformed spaces but has also earned global acclaim. We take pride in her achievements, finding inspiration in her dedication to excellence. As we carve our path in biophilic design, Raji's leadership guides Deeproots Design to new heights.

Top 45 women entreprenuer of Indian origin in Singapore released by Mdm. President Halimah Yacob, Nov 2022

Women Excellency Bathukamma Awards 2019 Gold Award

Best Product Award at the Wide Angle Exhibition – December 2018

The Doyenne book feature- Real Women Award 2021

Isola Landmark Award 2015

Vidarbha Industrial Association Woman Entrepreneur Award 2005


Best product award at the Wide angle exhibition in Dec 2018

Hitwad paper, Nagpur

Landscaping to tell a story


Navbharat, Nagpur

City Line, Nagpur

Tarun Bharat

City Line, Nagpur

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Pune Times Mirror

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