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The Vision

The vision for Living Products is to help connect People to Nature in every possible space.
We have been accomplishing this through our first product, the Harita Bio - Pods.
Harita (हरिता), denotes the colour green, and also means "nature".

The HARITA bio-pods are a patented, modular vertical garden system that is elegant, stylish and brings nature into the smallest of spaces effortlessly;
while ensuring the plants are watered perfectly and keeping the system and surroundings clean, pest free and stress free.

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Greenify Urban Spaces
Harita GrowPods are ideally suited for urban lifestyles – whether domestic, institutional or corporate. Several studies have found that incorporating plants in one’s spaces is beneficial in significantly lowering air-borne toxins, apart from elevating mood, performance and psycho-emotional well-being. Employee efficiency is boosted merely by having plants in the workplace.

Nurture Nature through Design
Harita Growpods are specially engineered and designed to address the needs of nurturing plants through a variety of design features.

Inspired Design
The Harita range of GrowPods is dedicated to creating a more intimate relationship with nature even in urban situations. By making the task of growing plants simpler, they allow the magic of nature to heal, rejuvenate and motivate us.


Thoughtfully Designed.

Tailormade for You
Endless configurations, in
any environment. Every
single design is unique to
your preference, cocreated
with you.

Space Saving & Convenient
No floor space occupied and easy
to set up – can be quickly
attached to convenient places,
and provide a practical way to
bring plants into one’s spaces.

Easy to Water, no Drip
Designed with irrigation in
mind, the Harita Pods use
lesser water, and provide
easy drainage thanks to our
specially designed
connector system.

Pest Proof
Our patented water bowl
design prevents pests'
access to the water

Superior Colours & Finishes
Available in a number of colours,
we use high quality automotive
paints with a lacquer finish for a
long lasting coat of a vibrant
shade of your choice.

A Plant's Best Friend
The grow-pod protects the
sapling when it is small, and
encourages a luxurious
foliage as it grows outwards.
Changing and swapping out
plants is incredibly easy with
the proprietary soil pouch.

Built to Last
With Rust Proof Stainless
Steel parts, and a solid
ABS / FRP body, the Harita
is built to last. A sturdy,
longtime partner for your
urban garden.

Ethically Packaged

Biodegradable and
reusable packaging
ensures zero impact on the




A Unique Palette of Exclusive Shades & Patterns

A curated and expertly blended set of exclusive colours, patterns and finishes that make the
Harita Pods stand out like no other, while ensuring that your plants remain the star of the show.

Co-creation and customization is always welcome. Your Harita System, exactly the way you want it.

Make it your own.

The uniquely customisable design of the Harita System allows for endless combinations and
arrangements, to suit any environment and setting.

We co-create with you to help you design the best Harita System for your space, be it wall,
floor or ceiling. Truly unique to you and one of a kind. Express your style and individuality,
make it your own.

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We Assist you throughout.

Our skilled design team with its vast experience and knowledge base in
landscape design will assist and guide you on the kind of plants based on where
it is installed, combinations possible and care needed; making installations stress free!

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Incorporate the Harita System and channel the magic of nature into any space.
We also bring the wonderful world of greenery into private urban spaces, reach out for exclusive Harita systems.

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