Deeproots Design


Brief and Site Analysis

We first have deep understand the Client’s expectation from the Landscape Design.

Also the site analysis is to understand the Location and context , Site topography/ hydrology/geology / Vegetation / etc.

Concept Stage

Based on the understanding of the client requirements and site analysis concepts are generated with a strong theme or story, woven into the landscape design which is then presented for feedback to the client.

Deliverables at this stage are drawings and views along with appropriate images to explain the intent.

A tentative cost is also provided along with the refined final concept plan.

Design Development

All other consultant drawings are overlaid and coordination drawing is created. We consider this to be an important check point and it is co-ordinated with services and construction consultants before the start of construction drawings.

Construction & Tender Documentation

Construction documents for the entire project is done.

All plans and details along with sections are provided

Detailed BOQ is also presented to allow for bidding.

Good For Construction” drawings

Detailed set of drawings are prepared for execution. This will include hardscape and softscape drawings for execution.

Construction Administration

Regular supervision is carried out to maintain the quality and output designed.

Checking of shop drawings and sending comments on the same are also part of this stage.

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