Why Us


Deeproots Design—The story behind the name
Deeproots Design means “Deep-rooted” designs. It was set up by Rajalakshmi Iyer(Raji) to provide an honest, rooted design that celebrated nature and embraced it. She grew up in a traditional home with a large garden at the base of a small hill in Pune with 2 dogs, sheep, cat, goat and occasional cows. The garden had 6 varieties of mangoes, guava, lemon, banana, papaya trees along with flowering plants like Parijaat , Ixora, jasmine and many more that were used for daily use. Every part of the garden was useful and sustainable. The water used in the kitchen was directed to the banana plantations and compost pit created fresh organic manure. The trees had machan, ropes to swing from and were climbed  upon everyday. The garden was her Oasis. Her fond childhood memories inspired her to create a similar landscape language for her designs which is based on Biophilia and simple sustainable lifestyle... Deeproots Design was thus born!



Our vision is to Connect all to nature in every possible way.  We believe Nature can heal and cheer. Landscape design plays an important role by connecting people to nature and helping to create happy memories.

Deeproots Design is a more than two decades old multi award winning firm based out of Singapore and India and has designed more than 250 projects in multiple countries. We strongly believe in designs “rooted” to the place and context. We design landscape for the outdoors, indoors and create innovative unique Living Products..

Some of our clients include: Microsoft, Infosys, Google, TCS, Cognizant, L & T, Bobst India, GE, Sarda energy, Bagmane, Omkar realtors, Bashyam group, Kasturi builders, Mahindra resort, Sterling resorts, Ascendas, Sunteck realty to name a few.



Our Mission is to create and deliver deep-rooted landscapes and biophilic solutions for exterior and interior spaces that add value and increase productivity for individuals and organisations. We inspire them to connect to nature for wellness and happiness.


OUR Values

Landscape is designed  based on biophilic principles.

Every design has a
strong story

We integrate local art in designs for more  community outreach and involvement. We help to revive local art forms and traditional way of  doing landscape.

We integrating latest technology, materials, trends in design,Digital technology inserts, BIM

We are an honest and
transparent firm.

We are a team which enjoys finding solutions and takes pride in creating solutions for situations or needs on the project.

Good quality drawings means lesser travel cost to monitor on site.. Practical way of designing for feasible return of investment.

We have vast experience in coordinating with large number of consultants and delivering on time.