Deeproots Design


Client: Tata Realty and Infrastructure Limited

Date: Completed 2016-2020

Tata centre in Gurugram is a mix commercial development project with restaurants, shops and office spaces. It covers a spread of 7 acres, off the busy south peripheral road with a green belt envisaged between the service road and the highway.

Architects – Benoy, London and DPA

The theme for this project is Monsoon Gardens. The water aspect of the Monsoon like the Drizzle, Droplets and Ripples are represented in the ideas in dramatic ways –either as an element or an installation. Gurgaon being in Haryana has a semi-arid and monsoon deciduous forest creating a lush tropical forest onsite was a challenge thus, the water elements and plants apt to the region together created the Monsoon theme.

The Monsoon affects Humans and Nature. It brings back memories of certain food like hot tea, butta, pakoras and their smells linger in the atmosphere. Birds and certain animal sounds like crickets along with specific plants add to the monsoon setting. The 4D elements of the landscape captures the fragrance of the soil wet by the rains, the reflectiveness of the water look like a mirror, the blooming flowers, the misty air with mist generated in the landscape and the lush green planting native to Delhi. The Drizzle form of the rain is Linear, staggered and Formal. Fun flooring patterns, materials, planting, water all form part of the collage.

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