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Biophilic Design is like having the advantages of Mother Nature next to you!

Incredible Reasons Why Biophilic Design is a Bait For Nature Lovers

Biophilic Design is like having the advantages of Mother Nature next to you!

Biophilic design is rooted with the idea that human beings have an innate connection with Nature. That key connection gets lost in the urban world. Studies have shown a positive impact of natural view indoors.

So, do you wish to incorporate the advantages of nature indoors? It’s possible with Biophilic Designs that’s an architectural design meant to reduce stress and promote wellbeing. 

Let’s discover the power of Mother Nature with lamps, lights and other concepts defining Biophilic design trends

A Simple Approach to Connect Humans Back to Nature 

The guiding principle behind Biophilic design is the simplest. The aim is to improvise the quality of life by reconnecting humans to their roots. As the world urbanizes, the objective has become to find solutions to the negative effects of the built environment. 

And, that’s possible with a common approach of incorporating features like vegetation, sunlight, water, etc i.e. bringing outdoors in. When you don’t have natural elements in hand, that’s where Biophilic design enters the scenario. 

Green hues, reminiscent of natural forms, undulating lines, organic shapes, enhance creativity, reduce stress and improve physical, emotional and mental wellbeing. 

Mind Restoration and Productivity 

Our mind looks for things that are safe and comforting, that’s why we find our inner self in Mother Nature. Similarly, a room with open windows, better lighting, hanging indoor gardens, and subtle wood grain is far better than a chaotic and cluttered space without light. 

Our minds function the best on quietly observing the aspects of the natural world. Landscape architecture is proof that by incorporating direct and indirect elements of nature reduces stress, blood pressure and heart rates. It in turn improves productivity. 

Creating A Strong Bond With Mother Nature 

Biophilic design is an innovative way of helping us learn to reconnect with Nature. Instead of degrading the environment and alienating ourselves from nature, it’s time to embrace Biophilic architecture leading to sustainable development.

Illustrating the Tangible Benefits of Biophilic Designs 

For Hospitals 
Faster Recovery 

One of the most cited studies on biophilic designs from 1984 states that gallbladder patients who had an exterior view recovered rapidly and a day faster than the patients without a window view or biophilic environment.

Less Usage of Medication 

Patients staying within the biophilic architecture in hospitals tend to use less medication for recovery and pain. Based on an experiment, it was seen that patients took 22% less pain medication as compared to others who didn’t have access to lightning, views and nature.

For Businesses 
Consumers Willing to Pay More in Greener Settings

A survey shows that consumers are willing to pay more for the products in a greener setting as compared to a bare one. They’re willing to pay 20% more for the convenience items, upto 15% more for the speciality shopping items, 25% more for clothing, accessories and so on. 

Better Attendance 

According to a 3 phase study conducted by the University of Oregon, employees with natural views and lights take less sick leaves as opposed to the employees who live in buildings with less lightning and poor indoor air quality. They take 68 hours sick leave/year as compared to the ones who stay in a biophilic environment who on average take 57 hours sick leave/year.

Higher Productivity

The productivity level of the employees increased from 6 to 12% in a biophilic environment. Another study confirms that team members with a view performed 10-25% better in memory recall testing.

Increase in the Building Value by 7%

Vegetation in and around office buildings proves to be beneficial for the property value. Researchers found out that buildings with good aesthetics, vegetation and lightning add 7% to the rental rate of the building.

For Hotels 
Golden Opportunity to Meet Customer’s Need

A large percentage of guests spend time in the lobbies that have biophilic design. After an on-site analysis of hotels with and without the biophilic architecture, it was observed that 36% of the guests used lobbies compared to the 25% of the standard hotel lobbies. 

More Memorable Stays 

Biophilic Hotels calls for repeat customers. There’s an increase in the customer retention and loyalty rate with biophilic designs in the hotels. A study reveals that hotels with biophilic elements received more praise as compared to the other hotels. 

For Education Centers 
Better Test Performance 

Studies reveal that a variety of schools have seen improvisation of 7-18% in the test scores of the students due to the access to a biophilic environment. 

Less Leave Rates Among Students

A school in Washington estimated that biophilic design contributes to a 15% reduction in absenteeism. The study shows that it’s easier to teach when the students are present. The credit goes to biophilic architecture.

With the above quantifiable statistics and studies, it’s been proved that Biophilic design is a valuable interiorscaping habit. And, interiorscapes are aware of the positive outcomes of biophilia. 

Concluding Thoughts 

Just like five minutes outdoors can refresh your mood and boost up morale, similarly Biophilic designs can leave you feeling happy everlasting with a positive effect on your overall health. From the calming effect of the green spaces to the improvised physiological state and enhanced cognitive abilities, it acts as a bait for not only the nature lovers but for everyone. 

Biophilic designs are decor for sight, smell, sound, mental and emotional wellbeing.

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